DCI using VXLAN EVPN Multi-Site w/ vPC BGW

Nowadays, the Data Center Interconnection (DCI) paradigm has begun appreciating the beauty of VXLAN as a possible overlay solution to “bind” at L2 and/or L3 level different DCs sites spread geographically across regions.

This is a very nice approach that, above all, provides, ALL IN ONE, not only the right answer at your L2 stretching necessities (in case you HAD ones :)), but also provides the routing propagation of L3 prefixes among different DCs just using the same address family mP_BGP EVPN, using type 2 and type 5 advertisements, depending on the nature of traffic…

Hence, VXLAN Multi-SITE deployment with the introduction of Border Gateway (BGW) becomes a very elegant solution once you had to connect legacy DCs using internally classic STP, vPC, VSS etc etc…, enabling eventually, as next step, the internal DCs VXLAN adoption as overlay protocol.

This paper wants to explore this topic… so, as usual, enjoy the reading! 

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